The first step before placing an advert is to register on our website. This is only done once and will enable you to modify or delete your classifieds in the future.

Follow these steps:

  1. Click on the word “Register” on the top right corner of the page.

  2. Enter your details into the corresponding boxes. The Phone and City fields are optional, but recommended so that people interested in your product know where you are located and may call you if they wish. They may also contact you by email. Although the email address is obligatory, it will not be published on the website.

  3. Take a moment to read our “Terms & Conditions” and if you agree click on the blank square box.

  4. Before clicking “Submit” please check your email address carefully for any spelling mistakes. If it is incorrect you will not receive the account validation email, necessary to finalise the registration process. This email is the address to which all replies to your ads will be sent.

  5. A few minutes after clicking on “Submit” you will receive an email from our system with a validation link. You must click on this link to confirm that you have not entered a false email address. This is just a security measure to avoid advertisers entering invalid email addresses and spamming the website.

  6. You have now registered and just need to enter the user name and password you chose in step 2 above.


If you didn't receive your registration email when you registered it means that either you provided an invalid email address during the registration process, or you have some kind of spam filter in place that's incorrectly marking the registration email as spam and either deleting it or moving it to a "junk mail" type folder. Please contact us specifying your user name and email address and we will look into the problem.


How do I Place an Advert?

If you haven't yet registered please follow the registration process first as outlined above, otherwise follow these steps.

  1. Click on “Place an Ad” on the top menu bar.

  2. Select the appropriate category under which you want your advert to appear.

  3. Enter the requested details into the corresponding boxes. Please note that you do not need to include your email address in the content of your advert. In fact, we recommend that you do NOT include your email address in the content of your postings, so that it is hidden from email spammers. Interested buyers may contact you with any questions by filling in the “Contact the Owner” form. An email will be sent to you from our system therefore hiding your email address from the public.

  4. In certain categories you may enter a link to your website if you have one. You must enter the full address . i.e.

  5. Check all your details and options and then click on “Continue”

  6. If you want DO NOT want to upload photos with your advert skip to step 7 otherwise follow the steps below.

    1. Choose the option “Click to select image(s)”.

    2. Choose the required photo from your PC and after a few seconds it will appear below on your screen.

    3. In the “Title” box enter a heading for that photo and click “Update”. In the “Order” box you may enter the order in which you want your photos to appear. If you have made a mistake or do not like the chosen photo click on “Delete”.

    4. Repeat steps a to c above to add further photos up to a maximum of five.

  7. Click on the box “Click to continue checkout”

  8. Verify your details and click “Continue”

  9. You will now see a preview of what your advert will look like. If you want to change anything you may go back to the required step by clicking on any of the links “Category>Details>Images” just above where it says “Personal Information”.

  10. If all is correct you MUST click on “Continue” for the advert to be submitted.


How do I change my account details?

After logging in to your account, click on “My Account” on the top menu bar to manage your account or listings by using the following links:


How do I edit or delete my adverts?

Login to the website with your registration details if you have not already done so and click "Modify an Ad" on the top menu bar.

If you want to edit the advert, change or add images, click the "Modify" button next to the desired advert on the list. Click on "Modify Images" if you want to delete or add new photos. After making any changes you must click on "Submit".

If you wish to delete the advert, just click on the "Delete" button next to the desired advert on the list.


My login details don't work

If you try and login to your account and you receive a message saying “I am sorry, but your username or password is incorrect”, you may have entered the wrong username or password or spelt them incorrectly. These were sent to you by email when you first registered. If you have lost or deleted the email, click on the “Forgot password?” link and enter the email address you registered with. An email address will be sent to you with a link you have to click on, to confirm you wish to reset your password. After clicking on this link a second email will be sent to you with your user name and new password. After logging in successfully you may change your password as described in “Modify Your Account”.


I lost or forgot my password

If you forgot your password, click on “Forgot password?” on the Login Screen and enter the email address you registered with. An email address will be sent to you with a link you have to click on, to confirm you wish to reset your password. After clicking on this link a second email will be sent to you with your user name and new password. After logging in successfully you may change your password as described in “How do I change my account details” above.


I have placed an advert but it doesn't appear on the website

This may happen if you have not finished the checkout process when placing the advert. When entering all the details of your advert the last step takes you to a screen with a preview of your advert for you to check. After verifying all the details you must click “Continue at the bottom of the screen for the advert to be published, otherwise it will remain as pending.

If this has happened to you, login to the website with your registration details and click on “Modify an Ad” on the top menu bar. You will see your non-active advert on the list. Click on “Finalise” on the modify column and then click on “Continue” at the bottom of the page on the next 2 screens until you see the message “Thank you for placing an order on our website”.


Tips on Searching the Classifieds listings

If you are looking for something specific, there are two search facilities within our site.

1. Quick Search on the left column menu:-

Type what you are searching for in the text box, choose the category and enter a price range if desired. If you don't choose a category, adverts meeting your search criteria in any category will be displayed. If you do not enter a price range items with any price meeting your search text and category will be displayed. Any combination of these may be chosen to suite your searching needs.

2. Search on the top menu bar:-

This option allows you to choose more detail in your search criteria. For example you can search for items by city, province as well as category and price range or any combination. If you do not specify any of the available fields, the search result will display all adverts.


Selling Tips

We believe the most important aspect of your advert is to include detailed photographs of your item for sale. Numerous studies show that photographs can increase the chances of selling your item by 80%. Uploading multiple images of the item you're advertising allows you to show potential buyers exactly what you're offering and can be the difference between making a sale or not. Without photos people might just skip your advert and click on the next one in the list.

The title of your ad is without a doubt another very important aspect, as this is what people see in the categories and search results and that is what is clicked on in order to view the rest of your advert.

Having a good detailed description can also make the difference between selling your item or not. It's important to try and put yourself in the position of the kind of person you're trying to attract to your advert and ask yourself what information you would like to see in the ad if you were the person looking to buy.

Short adverts with little information rarely perform well, while the most successful ads are the ones that include lots of information and descriptions and clear images which answer people's questions before they ask them.

If you include a link to your website from your ad, buyers can click your link and visit your own website/store to contact you or buy directly from there once they've seen what you're advertising

Adverts with short descriptions such as "click my link for details" rarely perform well because the ad isn't describing to the customer what's being offered and they're unlikely to click your link to go to your website unless they know what they're going for, so having an accurate description is vital.


Buying Tips

Scams can be hard to detect but the one thing you should always consider is that, if it sounds to good to be true, it probably is.

Scammers usually place an advert for an item such as a motorcycle and advertise it well below the market price. They then try and get you to transfer a deposit claiming they will ship you the item and you can pay them the remainder once it's arrived and you're happy with it. They may also claim to be in another country for business or similar which is why you can't go to view the item or pick it up yourself if you ask.

Once you've paid your hard earned deposit, you never hear from them again. Transfers through places such as Western Union offer no security or any ways of tracing where your money went and it's unlikely that the police will be able to help.

If you've found an item being advertised and you think it's a scam, please take a moment to report it to us by clicking the "Contact us" link near the top right of the page.


RSS Feeds

If you want to stay updated with all the new adverts being published on our website, use our RSS feed. This is an orange icon on the right of the menu bar. Click on this icon to subscribe to this feed and be updated in any RSS reader software like Outlook, Internet browsers or Google RSS reader, without having to visit our website.



Disclaimer does not take any responsibility about the content published by its users. However, we keep the right to reject adverts, edit their content or disable already listed adverts. Please see our Terms of Use for more details.



Privacy Policy will not sell or provide for any purposes personal information collected by this service to any other parties and for any reasons, which may intrude personal privacy.

To guarantee the privacy of our users, we do not publish emails on our web site, but the emails of two interested parties gets revealed once they start exchanging enquiries between each other from the “Contact the owner” form available on the advert pages.

Users can choose whether or not to publish their telephone number for feedback to their adverts

When a buyer is interested in an item being advertised on, all communications and negotiations take place directly between buyer and seller and there are no 'completion fees' payable to us when you make a sale.